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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole was born Cheryl Tweedy June 30, 1983 and raised in the northern England city of Newcastle upon Tyne. She was interested in dancing as a young child and also explored modelling. She won a number of competitions and also appeared in two British Gas advertisements.

 Cheryl Tweedy was working as a waitress when she auditioned for the talent competition show Pop-stars: The Rivals at age 19. The show ended with a public vote in November 2002 and five of the girls in the competition formed the group Girls Aloud. Cheryl Tweedy received the most votes of any of the girls and thus was the first announced to be part of the new group. Girls Aloud is the most successful of artists to come out of a British TV talent competition. They have reached the UK pop top 10 with 20 different singles.

Cheryl Cole contributed vocals and danced in the video for's top 5 UK pop hit "Heartbreaker" in 2008. The following year she began working on solo material. The first single "Fight for This Love" was released in October 2009 and became the fastest selling single of the year to that point going straight to #1 on the UK pop singles chart. The album 3 Words followed the single on to the charts and instantly topped the album chart selling over 125,000 copies in its first week.

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